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Online Backup Solutions is now offering its own online backup service supported by one of North America's leading online backup systems.

Through this system, you can have the advantages of offsite backup of your most vital data without having to worry about backup tapes or external hard drives. It's all done remotely and is administered by our technicians who receive daily reports on your backup status and can correct any issues before they become a problem.

The service can be deployed remotely with minimal disruption to your systems and is one of the most cost effective back up systems on the market.

This service works for both single desktop installations and backup both business and personal data if you wish, but it's also fully compatible with server installs. This allows for not just backing up of outlook data, photos and music, but also full Exchange servers and databases in a safe and encrypted location.

This service is offered at two different price points for desktops and servers.

For desktop systems

$9.99 per month plus $1 per GB of data backed up. There is a one time setup fee of $99.

For servers

$14.99 per month plus $1 per GB of Data. The one time setup fee applies to servers as well.

This service will provide you with peace of mind that your data is being stored without any need for expensive hardware or cumbersome swapping of equipment or tapes. It is encrypted, secure, and will keep historical records of your data for up to 30 days prior to your last backup.

Note: Prices are charged for quota limits set (usually +10% is allocated for growth and will determine your quota level). Backup servers are located in Canada. For more information, please contact us at